Prevalent Activities of the Company :

Product Type: Fortified Wines
Product Brand: MACCOTTA
Country in which the company is based: Italy
Product Specifications: Classification:
fortified wine
Production area:
Western Sicily
volcanic origin
ansonica Grecanico
Type of cultivation:
Screw the classic tree set in small "bowls"
Average yield per hectare:
Grape harvest:
late August / mid-September
Grape crushing type:
Soft pressing of the grapes
at a controlled temperature reaching the alcohol content of 5/6 and a sugar residue of the 13/14%, is added distilled wine to lock the fermentation process and reach 16%
Stainless steel for the amalgamation in oak barrels for six months, the wine continues aging in bottle
intense harmonious
Full, smooth with honey and hints of raisins

Product Details

Ad Description: Obtained from grecanico and ansonica grapes.
Intense golden color, sweet flavor to moderate degrees 16%.
Typical dessert wine, accompanies dry almond biscuits and cakes.

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Business sector:
Wines and Beverages

Company Profile: The Azienda Vinicola Fortunato Maccotta is a brand rich in tradition: it was among the first, in 1947, to bottle the island of Pantelleria noble wine Moscato Passito, once called "Cossyra".
Besides Moscato Passito, the company produces other liqueur wines, different from each other but united by legends and traditions that are lost in centuries. For the climatic conditions of the island, it is well suited to the withering of the grapes in post-harvest poses
The Maccotta company has been handed down from father to son the art of viticulture, ensuring the quality of the wines, and controlling person of the production cycle from collection of selected grapes, manually, to bottling.
In addition to its production grapes are fermented grapes selected, from the land of the island's farmers.
The bottles produced are very few, the merit does not get along with big productions.
Our wines are intended for a certain circle of connoisseurs.
Over the years the company has refined Maccotta traditional processing systems and bottling with the innovations of the most advanced winemaking technology.
Products and Services Offered : Dried wines
Fortified wines
Wines for Holy Mass wines
The grappa
Sparkling wines
Number of Employees: NA (Not Available)
Main export markets of the company: NA (Not Available)
Export Percentage: NA (Not Available)
Annual sales volume: NA (Not Available)
Mobile Phone (preceded by country code): +39 335 446470
Fax (preceded by country code): +39 065005340
Company Website:
Nation (Corporate Headquarters): Italy
City (Company Head Office) : Pantelleria
Address of Company Head Office: Cav. Fortunato Maccotta
Ufficio Commerciale e Deposito di Roma
Casella Postale N° 15308 Roma Laurentina

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