Tamtambiz Goals

 www.tamtambiz.com is a portal aimed both at distributors looking for products to buy and sell and at suppliers interested in finding new sales channels for their products. TamTamBiz therefore has the aim of facilitating the meeting between supply and demand, respectfully of Suppliers and Distributors by making available to registered users, free of charge, useful services divided into the following areas:


Insertion Ads

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The Users (Suppliers and Buyers), after registering to the portal will be able to insert, free of charge, an unlimited number of ads relating to the offer (for Suppliers) or request (for Buyers) of products; Moreover, the Users can:

  • geolocalize every ad;
  • enter in every ad one or more links to Youtube video;
  • share the ad with the main social networks;
  • allow all visitors to view, in addition to the single ad selected, also all the other ads inserted by the single user.


Messages Area

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The registered user has its own internal messaging window with which it is possible to receive and send messages to other users; the message area is designed to facilitate the search and contact with other online users.


Profile Area

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The profile page is the area of the site that allows registered users to insert their profile information of the company, then, on this page you should place all the contact information and company details in general. Those are in fact the fields that are normally used to automatically fill the information (company data) in your new ads. If you need to insert many ads, we suggest you to fill only once the required fields with your company details (eg: company data such as telephones, fax, mobile, business address etc.); proceeding in this way you will not have to re-enter in every single ad those that are recurring data.


Registration to the Portal


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In order to access the services you need to register to the portal;

The recording to the www.tamtambiz.com is a simple procedure that will only take a few minutes.

The required fields to be filled in are:

the “ Username “, the “Password“ and the “e-mail“,




Instant Messaging

Registered Users have the Instant Messaging service that allows direct contact between users Suppliers and Buyers. To access to the Posts Area, from the top menu select "My Messages" and then seletc "Compose"

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The messaging system also has the following additional features:

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E-mail notification

When you receive a new private message, you can be notified by e-mail.


When the autoresponder is enabled, every message received will be answered immediately.


New messages can be automatically forwarded to another user.

More settings

You can show a popup when a new message arrives.



Info Tamtambiz

Tamtambiz is the portal that facilitates the encounter between producers offerings, interested in finding new outlet channels for their productions, and demand from distributors and buyers who are looking for products to buy and to be marketed.

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